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FitCamp - FREE Trial Class


What Is It?
FitCamp is a high intensity interval class designed to make you move better, sweat more and get stronger. You'll work hard, but you'll also work to your ability. We offer 3 tiers of difficulty in each class so the workouts are challenging for the elite athlete as well as the beginner.

What can you expect from a FitCamp Class?

*A full body dynamic workout
* Progressions and Regressions of exercises, depending on your goals and fitness levels
* Tabatas
* Circuits
* Cardio, Core and Bodyweight exercises
* Variety of equipment including medicine balls, dumbells, kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands
* Benchmark workouts to track individual progress
* A motivating group environment
* FUN!

Is It Like CrossFit?

Yes - the workouts offer a lot of variety and are taught by a coach who is certified by both CrossFit and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. You'll meet new friends and be invited to lots of events in- and outside of the gym.

How Is It Different from CrossFit?

There is no beginner's program required - you can start attending classes as soon as you like. The first one is FREE!

We'll use a lot of equipment - kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands but there won't be any barbell lifting

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